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  • Name:Fishing Baitcasting Reel Type: front unloading spinning wheel
    Bearing: 5+1
    Rotational speed ratio: 4.9:1
    Structure: Waterproof structure

  • Name:Fly Fishing Reel
    Place of origin: China
    Product name: HK spinning wheel
    Product Model:1000-7000
    Product Features: High strength body to enhance the rigidity, twist resistance and strength of fishing reels.

  • Name:Bait Runner Fishing Reel
    Product Information
    Brake type: magnetic brake
    Braking force:10KG
    Number of shafts:18+1
    Rotational speed ratio: 7.1:1
    Model: pan cup
    Weight: about 216g

  • Name:Fishing Reel Handle
    Product Description
    Number of brake beans: 8
    Braking force: 6KG
    Bearing: 6+1
    Suitable for water: all water
    Weight: 226g
    Conversion ratio: 7:3:1
    Winding amount: 1.5 - 120m / 2.0 - 100m / 3.0 - 80m

  • Name:Fishing Reel with Line Counter
    Brake type: magnetic and centrifugal double brake
    Braking force: 6kg
    Number of bearings: 6+1
    Special design: CNC machining, alloy two-color accessories

  • Name:Fishing Reel Metal Body
    1, all-metal two-color finely carved wire cup, with card wire buckle, metal alarm; product features.
    2, metal CNC rocker, a generation of EVA grip pills, the second generation of metal ball finely carved grip pills, comfortable grip.
    3, 13 metal bearings, thickened wire ring, skeletonized wire shell.
    4, 16KG brake force, large brake knob, wool felt brake pads.
    5, stainless steel guide rod, brass spindle, zinc alloy gear disc, accurate rotation.
    6, high-density composite wheel feet, streamline integrated shape, exquisite decoration.
    7, a key backstop adjustment, rocker left and right interchangeable, easy to handle.
    8, the novel Tiffany blue embellishment, bright color new trend.